EasyRider NZ offers comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles, equipped with wheelchair lifts and low steps, capable of carrying large groups (up to 30 pax) with provision for many to remain in their wheelchairs if required.

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Before we go too much further together I better explain that, unlike the film which starred Peter Fonda, I have more to do with mobility scooters than motorbikes!

EasyRider NZ has evolved as a business since 2001; starting with a bus that could accommodate 10 people plus 5 others in wheelchairs, and a long held a desire to provide a much needed social transport service for People with Disabilities.


Recently celebrating 10 years of service, the original bus has now been replaced and EasyRider NZ has comfortable, fully accessible, spacious coaches to suit the size of your group.


As a Professional Passenger Service driver in the disability sector for 30 years, Hilary has amassed a wealth of experience. Her own involvement in a serious car crash in 1987 has also given her much insight into the lives of PwDs. 

The safety and comfort of each passenger is paramount, as illustrated by the comments on the References page. 

You will be amazed at how easy it is to travel with EasyRider NZ.


Friendly Reliable Service Guaranteed. 

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EasyRider NZ offers a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle, equipped with a wheelchair lift and low steps, capable of carrying large groups (up to 30 pax) with provision for many to remain in their wheelchairs if required, for:

• Sightseeing  • Rest Home Outings  • Disabled Sports Events  • Inclusive Group Charters  

• ‘Wheelie’ Friendly Travel Club  • Wheelchair Accessible Touring  

• Social Trips for Disability Organizations 


Do you have disabled buses?
No, they actually run very well.


Do you have to be disabled?
No, but it is the ’raison d’être’ of EasyRider NZ, so someone in your group could be! Did you know that one in five people are identified as having some form of disability?


How do you get the wheelchairs onto the bus?
Each bus has a wheelchair hoist fitted. They also have extra low steps so that anyone with reduced mobility will have no bother boarding the bus.


Can you take Mobility Scooters and Power Chairs?


How many wheelchairs can you take?
Several - it all depends on which bus and how many people opt to transfer to a seat, but up to 7 chairs secured is possible in the largest bus, with approved tie-downs and seat belts provided. If, for example, there are no more than 2 on wheels, there are 30 seats as well.


Can older people manage to get on the bus if they use a walking frame?
Yes - the wheelchair hoist platform is just like using a lift.


How far will you travel?
“If you’ve got the money, honey” there’s no limit ~ but seriously, the furthest destination so far has been to Paradise in Glenorchy, (south of Queenstown), for an American tour group and we saw where filming took place for "Lord of the Rings".


Do you have regular organised trips?
Yes ~ we have the ‘Wheelie’ Friendly Travel Club, which is based in Hamilton.


What is the cost?
Each job is priced according to the vehicle used, distance/time travelled, and expenses as applicable. The Travel Club has individual prices as set out in the current newsletter.


The aim is to provide value for money, whilst keeping abreast of costs and the market standards.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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